You Can Put Stock in Advocating for Life

If you own appreciated stock, did you know that you can donate it to Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation (ORTLEF)? The tax benefits can be substantial, and the process is really quite simple. 

Consider this example: Alice would like to make a contribution to ORTLEF. She has a stock that is worth $100 per share that she purchased years ago for only $10 per share. If Alice gave 50 shares of the stock to ORTLEF, the gift value would be $5,000, not the $500 she originally paid. In other words, this $5,000 gift will only cost her $500, thanks to her wise investment.

In addition, Alice avoids the substantial capital gains by transferring the shares rather than selling them outright. The IRS permits ORTLEF to sell those appreciated shares without paying tax on them. Alice is “giving the growth.” And ultimately, ORTLEF receives the benefit of the funds necessary for the lifesaving work we do every day.

It is always best to discuss this with your financial counselor for up-to-date information on how these rules apply to your particular situation. If you decide that a stock donation is right for you, please contact our office at 503-463-8563 or

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