From the Director, Where to Get Started in Pro-Life Work in Oregon

It’s been over six months, yet some days I still can’t believe it. I am a proud member of the post-Roe generation. But now what?

Since Dobbs, I’ve taken time to reflect on all the determination and perseverance it took to get here and how I, as a pro-life woman, can continue that momentum in a post-Roe world. Oregon currently has some of the most dangerous laws in the country and is only continuing to expand abortion access (to include women out-of-state). But we cannot be defeated by discouragement! Right after the Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton decisions were handed down, pro-life leaders thought it would be a one- to two-year effort to get those overturned. We are the beneficiaries of their determination, and now we must take that mantle. 

If you are unsure of what to do next to support and advocate for mothers and babies in your community, here are a few ideas:

Keep in touch with your representatives. Believe it or not, your representatives want to hear from you! My team is keeping a careful eye on dangerous bills in the legislature and offering opportunities to connect with your elected officials (see page 4 for guidance on staying informed)

Engage in local elections. As a mom of four graduates of the public school system, I can tell you that what’s coming through our classrooms relating to reproductive health is appalling. With school board elections quickly approaching, it’s crucial to know who is stepping up to guide our children’s education. Be watching for our voter guide. But most importantly, ask questions of the candidates running in your school district!

Connect with the pro-life resources in your community. It has been such an eye-opening experience listening to stories from my local pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes. I would encourage you to find one nearby, ask for a tour and discover how you can help. It’s incredible! Additionally, Oregon Right to Life has a list of resources in your area at

If you take one of these steps, I would love to hear about it! Drop me a line at

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