New Community Program Manager Arrives at ORTL

Salem resident Makyra Williamson had long wanted to find a job that allowed her to throw herself wholeheartedly into its mission. As the new community outreach program manager at Oregon Right to Life (ORTL), Williamson believes she has now found that passion.

“I’m so excited to see what we can accomplish in this post-Roe world!” she says. “While Oregon law did not change with the Dobbs decision, it has given us hope, and it is the perfect time to move forward and recast our vision for the future.”

Williamson officially joined the ORTL team on August 15. In her new role, she will be overseeing and working to improve ORTL’s pro-life education and community-based advocacy programs. These programs include the fair and festival outreach, speakers’ bureau and student programs (see pages 4 and 5).

Williamson’s primary project, however, will be developing and implementing ORTL’s pro-life communities initiative. The overarching objective: to build a strong, cohesive pro-life presence throughout Oregon so that every woman and girl facing an unsupported pregnancy has a connected, informed advocate who can empower her to choose life.

“In the wake of the Dobbs decision, our response to the need in Oregon is more important than ever,” Williamson says. “As we continue to motivate and expand our advocate base throughout the state, I am excited to see how our support for women and families will continue to save lives.”

A self-described people-person, Williamson holds degrees in English Language & Literature and English Rhetoric & Composition. Both attributes (amiability and education) will come in handy in her new position. “As we move forward with our pro-life communities initiative, I’m excited to start accomplishing some of the internal goals we’ve established as we see a continued boost in involvement and support in the pro-life movement,” she says.

ORTL executive director Lois Anderson appreciates Williamson’s enthusiasm. “Makyra’s background in teaching both school-aged children and college students, alongside her desire to help students and others think well about life issues, are all so welcome,” she says. “What I didn’t know for sure when hiring her, but have since learned, is that she is skilled in thinking strategically and breaking down big projects into achievable tasks.”

“She is a wonderful face of a young pro-life Oregonian.”

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