Myths About Miscarriage & Ectopic Pregnancies

Even before the decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization reversed Roe v Wade, myths about its possible effects have abounded everywhere, from mainstream media to the water cooler. 

Here’s how to effectively combat myths about miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies in your circle:

Pro-choicer: “If we restrict abortion in any way, then women with ectopic pregnancies will also be banned from life-saving care and will die.”

Pro-lifer: “Ectopic pregnancies are a heartbreaking and very serious situation to address. The treatment for an ectopic pregnancy, though, is distinct from an abortion. If you look into state laws across the country, you’ll find that not one state has laws preventing women with ectopic pregnancies from accessing care. In an ectopic pregnancy, there is no chance of survival for the baby and, if left untreated, can be fatal for the mother. Pro-lifers, including Oregonian pro-lifers, are firmly for mothers surviving their pregnancies.”

Pro-choicer: “But because of Dobbs, women who are miscarrying will be forced to carry their dead fetuses, risking death for themselves, because they will be terrified to seek medical attention for fear of prosecution.”

Pro-lifer: “Miscarriage management is legal everywhere in America, including Oregon, and no pro-lifer is interested in restricting it. A miscarriage can be very traumatic, and we want every mother to be taken care of physically, mentally and emotionally. Treating a miscarriage, however, is very different than choosing abortion. We encourage all legislators to craft very clear laws that explicitly differentiate between miscarriage management, in which a deceased child is removed from their mother, and elective abortion, in which the life of an actively growing, biological human being is intentionally terminated.”

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