From The Director, Gratitude in Pro-Life Victories

Gratitude in Pro-Life Victories

Are you like me, where every once in a while, you think about your commitment to seeing Roe v. Wade overturned, and you catch yourself? We live in a post-Roe world! Isn’t that amazing? And now, we have been unleashed to pursue legal changes through our elected representatives in our states and Congress. Across the nation over the past few months, states like Indiana, Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia and Idaho have passed or implemented laws protecting unborn babies from abortion.

It is worth taking time to be grateful!

Of course, in Oregon, we have a different journey. Things may get worse here before they get better. While other states were ready to end legal abortion as soon as the Dobbs decision was released, Oregon’s political leaders were preparing to lead the nation in abortion access – even to the extreme of providing funds for mothers to travel to Oregon and end the lives of their children!

What can be done? Just like Oregon Right to Life’s founders and early leaders who were steadfast, took risks and kept working despite setbacks, we will continue to advocate for life!

We must continue to use our vote to support pro-life candidates. Our pro-life voter guide (wrapped around this issue of Life in Oregon) will help you. Share with a friend! 

We must hold officials accountable for policy decisions. If you haven’t already, sign up for email and text notifications from Oregon Right to Life. That is the best way for us to inform you of necessary action.

We must expand our efforts to provide resources for mothers and babies. We can help you find opportunities in your community to help.

We must be steadfast in sharing the truth. A simple way to do that is by organizing a pro-life presentation or display in your church or school.

And we must continue to encourage each other and work together in unity. Let us be known by our love for each other and for mothers, babies and families.


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