Pro-Life is Pro-Woman: A Call to Action for the Pro-Life Community

We’ve been talking about it for months now. And with the latest leak from the Supreme Court, it appears our hopes are coming to fruition. While the leaked draft opinion was a massive breach of trust, the contents of the opinion give us cautious optimism. The apparent pro-life direction of the court is encouraging!

This potential direction of the Court has amplified the concerns of pro-choice people across every media outlet. Fear for women facing unsupported and unexpected pregnancies quickly became a top issue. 

The pro-life movement is often portrayed as “anti-woman.” Pro-choice people consistently claim that by reducing access to or outright banning abortion, we are controlling women’s bodies and denying them proper “health care.” 

I’ve been in this movement for over 20 years. We are not anti-woman. I don’t know that I’ve seen another group supporting women facing these challenges as much as the pro-life movement. But if the Supreme Court overturns Roe and Casey, it will be more important than ever to continue supporting women. In fact, as a movement, we need to increase our support for women.

How can you do this?

It takes intentionality. Become familiar with the resources in your county, city, church, or community (find yours at As a mother of four, I know firsthand how difficult pregnancy and raising a family can be. These women, when faced with an unexpected, unsupported pregnancy can often feel scared, helpless, and vulnerable. The pro-life movement needs to be ready and equipped to support these women every step of the way.

Your local pregnancy resource center (PRC) is a great way to start. PRCs typically offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, and common baby items like diapers and clothes. And many PRCs offer these services for free. One of the best ways you can support your local pregnancy resource center is by giving them your time. For example, at Hope Pregnancy Clinic in Salem, volunteer opportunities include things like:

  • Providing counseling,
  • helping out at events,
  • providing photoshoots for patients and their babies,
  • organizing and storing donations of needed baby items,
  • and doing light maintenance work.

There are almost always opportunities to help out in the areas you’re passionate about or are skilled in. Check out this list of pregnancy resource centers to find one near you!

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe, pro-choice people and those undecided on the issue  will be watching the pro-life movement more closely than ever. Women deserve more than abortion. They deserve support. Let’s show Oregon what it means to truly love moms and their babies. Let’s show them what it means to be pro-life.


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