An Important Message for Pro-Life Voters

Trevor Lane

2022 is shaping up to be the best opportunity in a generation to elect a pro-life Governor in Oregon. This is a bold statement, and there are four good reasons we can make this claim.

  1. There is no incumbent.
  2. All of the leading Republican candidates are pro-life.
  3. A well-funded, non-affiliated candidate will compete for pro-choice votes in November.
  4. Local, state and national indicators point toward a big year for Republican candidates.

And the stakes are high. The next governor will either continue Oregon’s disastrous and dangerous decline into death tourism or take a principled stand for life, pushing back against Oregon’s current radical abortion and physician-assisted suicide policies.

Our approach to this Primary takes into account the incredible opportunity and responsibility we have in choosing the strongest options amongst a large field of hopefuls. The volunteer board of Oregon Right to Life PAC interviewed the candidates, researched the field and discussed all the possible options within our guidelines.

A winning candidate must have the right values, leadership qualities that will engender trust from the voters, an understanding of what must be done to win and the skill to build an excellent team. We have an obligation to our supporters and donors, and to innocent human lives, to endorse candidates who not only share our values but who can win. We have endorsed the four pro-life candidates we believe are the strongest in the field. We believe one of these will be elected in November.

Because everyone deserves an advocate,
Oregon Right to Life PAC Board


  1. While I appreciated the message, and hearing that ORTL has endorsed four of the republican candidates, it would be helpful to know the names of the four candidates that ORTL has endorsed.

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