The Sanctity of Human Life and the Elections

dr joan sage ORTLEF president
Joan Sage, M.D.
ORTLEF Board President

The sanctity of human life is a little-discussed term these days, but is at the heart of what Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) is all about. Belief in this concept is also of key importance to how you and your circle of influence vote this election season. Let’s look at the belief first.

The sanctity of life is the recognition that all humans are created by God. The implications of that are that each individual has innate value and a right to life. The founders of our nation held this perspective was “self-evident.” The founders of ORTL acted out of these beliefs to begin advocating for the unborn and other vulnerable humans from conception to natural death. Today, 50 years later, these beliefs have helped the organization stay on mission to address new or evolving ways society finds to threaten or take innocent human lives. 

So what does the sanctity of life concept have to do with the elections? It means we use that “life lens” and the vast educational resources that ORTL supplies through our conferences and online presence to assess the impact of present and potential policies on vulnerable lives of all ages. Don’t think elections make a difference for life? Consider how infanticide is now legalized and even “celebrated” in some states, and how abortion facilities have been given preferential treatment during the pandemic. So, you see, who gets elected locally and federally matters a great deal.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of ORTL!  Fifty years on, our core beliefs and mission remain the same. Join us in valuing life by valuing your opportunity to vote in support of it.


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