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Sharolyn Smith

During a training session with outgoing editor Cindy Rahm, our new editor Crystal Kupper revealed that she has been reading Life in Oregon since third grade. That sustained passion for all things pro-life alongside well-honed writing skills made Crystal an obvious choice.  

Crystal grew up in Creswell, married her high school sweetheart and has been moving all over the world following her husband’s military career since. Currently stationed in Arizona, she holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from Boise State University and recently completed her master’s in International Community Development from Northwest University. She and her husband Nick have four children.

As a freelance writer, Crystal has written for dozens of magazines, newspapers and publishing houses including Zondervan, Focus on the Family and Salvation Army. She has also written repeatedly for pro-life publications like Secular Pro-Life and American Feminist.

“One of my earliest childhood memories is of holding a sign at a pro-life rally in Lane County that read, ‘Abortion Kills Children,’” says Kupper. “It’s incredible to me that I am now working for Oregon Right to Life, an organization that has influenced me greatly for decades.” 

Four years ago, Crystal and her husband Nick adopted Guyana from Armenia. Guyana was diagnosed in utero with spina bifida (many more diagnoses arrived later). The doctors encouraged abortion and pointed out that she could not remain in Armenia with such intense physical needs, so it would be kinder to kill her now. Thankfully, her biological parents refused, and the Kuppers adopted Guyana nearly five years later. It was, they say, the best decision they ever made. 

As you can imagine, Crystal is passionate about both special-needs adoption and family preservation. She wrote her master’s thesis on the connection between the American church and the overseas orphanage industry and frequently writes and speaks on disability- and adoption-related issues. 

“I am so excited to welcome Crystal to our team,” says Lois Anderson, ORTL executive director. “She brings a fresh perspective that is rooted in her knowledge of the issues as well as professional journalistic experience. We are really lucky to have her.”


  1. This is fabulous news. I know Crystal’s mom and dad. Her grandparents wer er very good friends.

    As an adoptive mom of a special needs child, I too have traveled the road and continue to even though my daughter is now an adult.

    Adoption is forever.

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