Connections During Covid

Online video meetings were certainly in use before COVID-19 struck, but it wasn’t a tool that Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) used widely. However, it is always important for pro-life advocates to remain connected, receive critical updates and have a platform to share ideas. Virtual meetings have certainly increased in importance amongst our team!

Recently, ORTL hosted a series of regional video meetings. Executive director Lois Anderson gave an update on recent Supreme Court decisions, the Oregon legislature and the 2020 election. Each call included time for questions as well as sharing of what was happening — or not happening — in each community.

We learned that many groups were still finding ways to spread the pro-life message! The Azalea parade was still held in Brookings and the Curry County chapter entered a float that won first place. Salem Right to Life went ahead with plans for their Walk for Life. Our sister chapter in Vancouver, Washington shared a window poster they mailed out for members to post where possible.The series of calls attracted participants from across the state. For many of them, it was the first time they had met “in person.” There are plans for more meetings using this technology to further promote and support pro-life advocates.


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