Biden/Harris Ticket Fraught with Dangers for Pro-Lifers

When Democratic nominee Joe Biden chose California senator and former state attorney general Kamala Harris as his VP, he cemented this year’s slate as the most pro-abortion presidential ticket of all time. Their leadership would be incredibly perilous for vulnerable humans. Besides enthusiastic pro-choice records, his and Harris’ political legacies demonstrate their willingness to flout laws to hurt pro-life Americans.

Biden was a lawyer who won his first Senate election in 1972, the same year as Watergate. He has made his living in politics since. 

In recent months especially, Biden has focused on abortion as a political pillar:

  • In April, while Americans went without life-saving procedures like mammograms and heart surgeries, the former vice president labeled abortion “essential healthcare that cannot be delayed.”
  • In June, while accepting Planned Parenthood’s endorsement alongside their pledged $45 million expenditures for Democratic candidates in 2020, he promised “to do everything in [his] power to expand access to quality affordable” abortions.
  • Biden has flip-flopped on the Hyde Amendment, announcing that he no longer supports the federal ban on the taxpayer funding of abortion. Indeed, one of his first acts as Commander-in-Chief, he says, will be restoring full funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business.
  • Biden has also repeatedly promised to force Americans to fund abortions through their taxes, expressing support for the “right to choice under any circumstances.”

Kamala Harris has a perfect approval rating from Planned Parenthood. It’s plain to see why:

  • In February, the senator voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, a law which would have criminalized denying crucial medical treatment from babies who survive failed abortions.
  • Most chillingly, beginning in 2015, Harris went after Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden for exposing illegal baby-selling practices at abortion clinics. At Harris’ behest, Daleiden became the only known undercover journalist to be criminally prosecuted in Golden State history. His case remains ongoing.

“Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris have enthusiastically embraced abortion on demand for any reason funded by taxpayers,” says Lois Anderson, ORTL executive director. “Sadly, the Democratic party has responded to the country becoming more pro-life by doubling down on extreme policies that endanger preborn children and mothers. I cannot say strongly enough how crucial it is to defeat Biden and Harris in November.”


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