Statement on CD 2 Candidate Knute Buehler

On December 10, Knute Buehler announced he is running in the Republican primary for Oregon’s second congressional district. Oregon Right to Life PAC works to identify and support pro-life candidates for office at all levels of government. Our focus is on electing champions for protecting life from conception to natural death.

“Mr. Buehler spent much of last year’s gubernatorial campaign telling voters he is ‘100% pro-choice,'” says Lois Anderson, ORTL executive director. “We have and will continue to oppose his candidacy because of his views.”

“Oregonians in Congressional District 2 have demonstrated they are pro-life and want a pro-life representative,” continued Anderson. “ORTL PAC will do everything in our power to ensure their new member in Congress is also pro-life.”

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  1. When Knute Bueler was running for governor, I replied to one of his emails that I could not vote for him since he was for abortion, and him being a doctor. I quoted the biblical verses showing him God’s view. His campaign committee never replied. I will write him again as he is running for Greg Walden’s seat. Hopefully a pro-life candidate is running. We need a STRONG voice in Central Oregon to speak for the unborn. In the Sacramento, CA area there were plenty of times we had as many as 15,000 standing for the unborn in front of a mall – with a permit. TV stations covered it. Also smaller groups in Auburn. Why isn’t there a group working with all the churches now? We need a church/ business/ communications coordinator. Thanks

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