The National Conversation Continues

Recent actions by state legislatures – both pro-life and pro-abortion – have fed a sustained national conversation, in the media and amongst the public, about abortion, mothers and babies.

There was something in the wake of the social media firestorm over the Alabama law that struck me in a particular way — how comments and posts were affecting individuals. There were comments about abortion staying legal because of pregnancies that were a result of rape, or because a child might be abused or end up in foster care. Those comments were particularly hurtful to those who survived those situations, implying that their lives were less valuable.

I spent some time thinking about how our discussions impact some of the very individuals we are intending to help. We strive to be both truthful and compassionate. This attitude is at the center of what we do as advocates for life.

I suggest two opportunities to put this into practice — speaking up through your social media accounts and volunteering for a shift at a pro-life booth in your community.

Thousands of people visit fairs and festivals every summer. We have a front and center opportunity to engage people in conversations or to just ask a question that they will think about long after they leave the booth.

Social media is a powerful way we influence our neighbors. We fill the Oregon Right to Life platforms with positive and inspirational content. Share it and watch for opportunities to interact. Be present there and you will have an impact.

Let’s lean in to this challenge. This is a key moment in our history as a movement that has the potential to move us closer to our ultimate goal of eliminating abortion and, at the same time, meeting individuals with compassion and truth that will change their lives. Let me know how your summer goes!


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