Don’t Expect to Lose!

David Kilada Political Director

If you want some encouragement, I suggest you read this issue’s front page article about the good news from election night. However, despite many pro-life victories on May 21, the races we didn’t win have been on my mind the most. It has becoming increasingly clear to me that one significant reason some pro-life candidates […]

Advocating at the Capitol

  At our annual Roe v. Wade Memorial and March, we charged each and every one of you to be bold in contacting your legislators and to be courageous in continuing to speak the truth. Since then, you have not stopped taking action. You have been courageous and bold. Together we have made significant steps […]

Late-Term Abortion: A Tragic “Solution”

“I hear you are going to have a boy. Congratulations! Unfortunately, after reviewing your ultrasound, there are a few concerning images.” Those were the words Samantha Williams and countless other parents have heard following their 20-week ultrasounds. The 20-week ultrasound appointment lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. The technician measures every […]

FDA issues warning against internet abortion drugs


The Federal Drug Administration has issued warning letters to two abortion groups that are selling abortion drugs over the internet to American women who have not seen a doctor. After a brief interview with an abortionist over a smartphone app, the abortion pills are mailed. This app-to-mailbox abortion pill scheme is already available in five […]

Senator Jackie Winters: In Memoriam

Senator Jackie Winters: In Memoriam

Senator Jackie Winters (R, SD 10) passed away Wednesday, May 29, after a battle with lung cancer. She was 82 and was the state’s longest serving black senator. Fully convinced that everyone deserves an advocate, she had a 100% pro-life voting record and was endorsed by ORTL PAC. “It has been an honor to work […]