ORTL Celebrates Pro-Life Legislative Appointments

Yesterday, July 23, Rep. Raquel Moore-Green was appointed to the Oregon Legislature by the Marion County Commissioners. She filled the seat vacated by Sen. Denyc Boles, after she was chosen to replace Sen. Jackie Winters.

Sen. Boles and ORTL Executive Director Lois Anderson

“Sen. Winters was a tireless advocate,” says Oregon Right to Life Executive Director Lois Anderson. “We are thrilled that Sen. Denyc Boles will continue her legacy of standing up for the vulnerable in Oregon.”

ORTL PAC staff worked strategically behind the scenes to ensure both vacated seats were replaced by pro-life legislators.

“We look forward to working with Rep. Raquel Moore-Green,” continued Anderson. “Our state has no restrictions on abortion. Abortion is legal until birth, a fact over 70% of Oregonians oppose. Pro-life Oregonians running for and being appointed to office is a crucial step in restoring legal protection for all Oregonians, from conception to natural death.”

Since early 2017, there have been 10 Republican appointments in the Legislature. ORTL PAC has ensured each has been pro-life. In order, they are:

  1. Rep. Rick Lewis (HD 18)
  2. Rep. Daniel Bonham (HD 59)
  3. Former Rep. Jeff Helfrich (HD 52)
  4. Rep. Denyc Boles (HD 19)
  5. Sen. Cliff Bentz (SD 30)
  6. Rep. Lynn Findley (HD 60)
  7. Sen. Dallas Heard (SD 1)
  8. Rep. Gary Leif (HD 2)
  9. Sen. Denyc Boles (SD 10)
  10. Rep. Raquel Moore-Green (HD 19)

For media inquiries or interviews, please contact Liberty Pike, ORTL communications director, by calling our office at 503-463-8563 or using our contact box here.

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