It’s The Little Things

lois anderson executive directorWe all love the big win. That is what we are looking for in the end — the big win to overturn Roe. However, big wins rarely happen without a lot of little things happening first.

My son plays high school football, as did his older brother. It has been wonderful for both of them, full of learning opportunities. One lesson I have witnessed is that there are a score of little things that go into every play (not to mention hundreds of hours of practice). Each player on the field has to learn their job and do it no matter what else is happening on the field. In particular, I like to cheer on the linemen. The ball carrier or the quarterback usually gets the recognition, but if those linemen are not making their blocks, the play falls apart.

The pro-life movement is a team too. We also achieve our goals by doing many little things. It’s easy to look for the big plays, the flashy moves. While those have their place, like in football, the little things matter a lot.

Here are some examples I have heard and seen in the past few months: a volunteer who faithfully makes phone calls for the PAC, reminding voters how important it is to vote pro-life; an advocate who organizes a county fair booth and the rest of the year cares for the elderly in her community; a nurse, who already works four 10-hour days and more, volunteering every week at the pregnancy clinic; a family who had decided they needed to stop foster care, but when the call came and a baby needed a home, knew they had to help.

All of these “small” things add up on our path to overturning Roe. As long as we each do our part on this pro-life team, we will move the ball forward. Sometimes, we will even get a big win. Hopefully soon, with the Supreme Court’s makeup, the biggest win.

What is your part? Go, do it well, and let me know what it is so I can celebrate it with you!


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