Abortion Industry Fails to Protect Women

Sharolyn Smith

After a long history of botched abortions and problems with the law, a notorious late-term abortionist lost his license to practice in another state. In early September, an appeals court ruled that the medical board was justified in revoking Steven Brigham’s license in New Jersey due to “gross negligence” involving about 250 late-term abortions. Brigham put patients at risk in clinics in several states, including New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. In 2016, Virginia health inspectors discovered more than 52 pages of violations at another Brigham-run abortion facility, resulting in the closure of the facility. Evidence indicates that “Brigham’s patients were exposed to harm by his lack of hospital or (licensed ambulatory care facility) privileges to deal with unforeseen complications.” [Lifenews.com, 9/10/2018]

A late-term abortion business in New Mexico is being sued for allegedly killing a young woman in an abortion. On February 1, 2017, Keisha Marie Atkins went to Southwestern Women’s Option in Albuquerque for an abortion. Two days later, Atkins had a high fever and trouble breathing. However, she had been instructed “not to contact or consult any medical facility, hospital, doctor, emergency room, or nurse outside of SWO employees and staff.” Ten hours later, Atkins was taken by ambulance to University of New Mexico Hospital where she later died.

Several abortionists, both at the abortion facility and the university, are named in the lawsuit, along with the pathologist, who is accused of conspiracy in a cover-up of Atkins’ cause of death. One of the abortionists, Curtis Boyd, a co-founder of the National Abortion Federation provides aborted baby body parts to university researchers and trains UNM medical students at his late-term abortion facility. [Lifenews.com, 9/12/2018]

Traveling abortionist Colleen McNichols works at four abortion facilities in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. McNichols travels about 400 miles per week between those facilities, doing what could be hundreds of abortions every week. When interviewed, the abortionist said she had a full schedule, with nearly 60 abortion patients to see in one day. McNichols referred to her work as a “mission” and “justice care.” Following her interview, one of the facilities McNichols works at failed its last two health inspections and two others have been forced to close. [Lifenews.com, 10/3/ 2018]

Since October 2017, at least eight women have been hospitalized after undergoing abortions at the Planned Parenthood facility at the corner of Division Street and North LaSalle Drive in Chicago. Of the eight medical emergencies, five involved uncontrolled hemorrhaging, which is a life-threatening complication. Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, explained, “The amount of serious, life-threatening abortion complications at this Planned Parenthood facility should raise concerns with state regulators. It is a sad reality of abortion that babies die and their mothers are maimed and sometimes killed at shoddy facilities like this one. Abortion was not safe for these women, and it remains a danger to the public until this unsafe abortion facility can be shut down.” [Lifenews.com, 10/9/2018, 10/22/2018]

Abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s facility in Bethesda, Maryland has seen more than 500 abortion patients since its opening in October 2017. Spokeswoman Chelsea Souder says about 75 percent of abortions in the facility have been late-term abortions on women in their second or third trimester. Souder reports that the facility is one of three clinics in the U.S. that offer third trimester abortions. Carhart, one of the nation’s most infamous abortionists, performs abortions through 28 weeks and sometimes beyond. Many of the women seeking abortions at the facility come from Mexico, Canada, Europe, South America, and Central America. The facility employs three abortionists. Carhart has been sued for negligence and malpractice in the past. He still oversees every single abortion procedure and has no plans to retire. [Lifenews.com, 10/31/2018]

The Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis, Missouri has been called “the most dangerous abortion facility in the U.S.” At least 65 patients were hospitalized for abortion complications between 2009 and 2017. Health inspectors have cited the facility for dozens of health and safety violations in recent years, including failure to properly clean the facility or properly sterilize surgical instruments used on patients. Operation Rescue President Troy Newman argued, “If any other medical office in the country was calling for emergency assistance for patients as often as this facility is, it would be a public scandal … but since abortion is involved, there is not one word from the media.” [Lifenews.com 9/20/2018, 11/5/2018]

[For other information about documented emergencies, visit www.abortion911.com]


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