My Favorite Moments

On June 18, 2018, I began work with the Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation as the events assistant. As a recent high school graduate beginning my first job, I didn’t know what to expect. I was immediately welcomed into the Oregon Right to Life family and appreciated the camaraderie and togetherness of everyone in the organization. As the events assistant, I was responsible for packing and shipping literature and materials, recruiting and scheduling volunteers, setting up and taking down booths, and helping out whenever I was needed. I have enjoyed meeting volunteers and interacting with visitors who dropped by our booths.

My two favorite moments so far at Oregon Right to Life involve the Oregon State Fair. I thoroughly enjoyed the volunteer training meeting prior to the fair. I had the opportunity to provide volunteers with tools they could use to respectfully and effectively communicate the pro-life viewpoint. Helping to prepare volunteers was very rewarding to me.

I experienced my other favorite moment when I was working in our booth at the fair. I had a discussion with a young woman who expressed support for abortion, especially in cases of rape. I appreciated her willingness to share her opinion in a civil and respectful manner. I calmly and compassionately explained my view that both lives — the mother and her child — should be valued and respected. Though I didn’t change her mind, I knew that the conversation was substantive and that the seed was planted. I hope she begins to question her stance regarding abortion and finds truth and love within the pro-life movement.

As I reflect on the time I’ve spent working at Oregon Right to Life, I attribute my passion for the pro-life cause to Camp Joshua. Camp Joshua inspired me to do more. It is essential that more young people become involved in this vital fight to save lives. Young people my age are Planned Parenthood’s ideal target audience to swindle and sell their lies to. They tell young people, especially young women, that abortion is necessary in order to be successful in life. We need loud and proud young pro-lifers to rise to the occasion and become the next generation of advocates. It is time for us to unite, pass laws that protect the most vulnerable, and change hearts and minds.


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