2018 May Primary Victories!

The final results have been tallied and there is reason to celebrate. Over 82 percent of Oregon Right to Life’s PAC-recommended or PAC-endorsed candidates in competitive elections won or advanced to the November election!

While there were disappointments in the statewide races, we know political change is impossible without local and legislative victories, of which there were many. Pro-life victories included our former political director Colm Willis in his primary for Marion County Commissioner, Position 2. Rep. Denyc Boles, a newly appointed legislator, also won her primary against two challengers. Rep. Mike Nearman and Rep. Rich Vial both won over primary challengers.

Statewide, over 88 percent of ORTL PAC-supported candidates for county commissioner positions won or advanced to the November election.

Although most of our victories in primary elections are in Republican primaries specifically, there are other wins to celebrate. ORTL PAC contacted thousands of Independent Party voters in districts across the state, asking them to write in pro-life candidates for their party’s nomination. Our pro-life candidates won nearly every nomination. This means that these candidates will appear on the general election ballot with the nomination of multiple parties, which shows broader support for them than their opponents.

All these victories demonstrate that you, the pro-life voter, continue to play a significant role in primary elections. Your importance is further amplified in the general election. Pro-life voters span all political parties and their priority is the unborn. If pro-life advocates turn in their ballots this fall, we know we can achieve great change.


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