Oregon GOP Unanimously Denounces Euthanasia

David Kilada Political DirectorAt the end of October, Republican delegates from across Oregon met in Bend to update the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) Platform. This document is critical because it explains the pro-life position of the only major party in Oregon that takes a stand in defense of life from conception to natural death. In light of the brutal assaults on the fundamental right to life by the Oregon Legislature earlier this year, delegates worked to ensure the platform’s pro-life plank was strengthened even further.
Delegates unanimously adopted the following statement as part of the approved “Family” section, which states: “Every person has a fundamental right to life that begins at conception and endures to the natural conclusion of life. We strongly oppose abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide, including any government funding of these deadly practices.”
The addition of euthanasia to the platform couldn’t have been better timed. Due to vehement opposition from Oregon Right to Life and pro-life people across the state, Senate Bill 494 was successfully defeated this legislative session. As you may recall, this bill would have opened the door to a type of euthanasia in Oregon that current law prevents. Specifically, it would have allowed the starvation or dehydration of mentally incompetent patients. Adding a clear statement about statewide Republican opposition to euthanasia should be an encouragement to pro-lifers that their voices are making a difference in the political process!
In addition to affirming clear support for the right life, the ORP platform, for the first time, has a positive affirmation of adoption and non-abortive pregnancy resources, stating that “Republicans advocate for adoption and life-affirming pregnancy resources.” The timing of this new language is also significant in light of attempts in Congress to remove the pro-life adoption tax credit.
Sadly, the Oregon Democrat Party continues to advocate for unrestricted, taxpayer-funded access to abortion until the moment a baby is born. This extreme policy is at odds with most Oregonians, even including many Democrats. In light of this, it is encouraging that the Oregon Republican Party continues to stand strong for the right to life of all.
To read the adopted ORP platform in its entirety, please visit www.oregon.gop/platform.

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