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Archive for September 2017

The Genetic Arms Race OHSU Genetically Modifies Human Embryos

A new genetic technology is being called a weapon of mass destruction. I’ll tell you why that may not be hyperbole. In late July, the MIT Technology Review published news many of us have been dreading: a team of scientists at Oregon Health and Sciences University have successfully created genetically-modified human embryos. This is an…

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Kate Brown: The Abortion Governor

After signing HB 3391 into law in August (a bill that forces insurance companies to cover abortions with no co-pays or deductibles), national media hailed Kate Brown as pushing the most progressive abortion legislation in the nation.  But pro-lifers on the front lines in Oregon know that Governor Brown has been an abortion extremist her…

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When Were You Recruited?

march 4 life 2015

January 22 is a tough day for me as I am sure it is for many – another memorial, another anniversary, babies still being killed and the nagging internal debate over whether I am doing enough. Recently, I re-read a speech given by Richard John Neuhaus. Richard John Neuhaus is the founder and was the…

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Meet our New Executive Director, Lois

lois anderson - new ortl executive director

Since 1999, Lois Anderson has been a key part of the strategy and execution of Oregon Right to Life’s efforts. She served as director of political operations for 17 years prior to assuming her current role as executive director. Lois was also instrumental in launching ORTL’s overhauled digital communication efforts in 2014 and the organization’s re-branding in 2016.

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