Beware of PACs Ripping Off Pro-Life Voters, Including $4,000 From Oregonians

The National Campaign is one of four different political action committees (PACs) all with vague names registered by the same person (Ann Mattson). Although claiming to support pro-life campaigns and mobilizing voters against Hillary Clinton, they have funneled millions of dollars that, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, seem to exist mostly on paper.

The PACs appear to be taking advantage of passionate, older pro-life donors making small contributions. National Campaign PAC has reported raising more than $5.7 million from donors, spending $4.4 million on phone banks, direct mail, and website design at two companies, “RFP Services, LLC” and “Political Issue Advocacy, LLC.” Whether either of these companies even do anything is difficult to determine, as they have no phone numbers, no listing of an address, or any past clients.

Sharon Toborg, the treasurer of the Vermont Right to Life Committee PAC, said she is “shocked” by the amount of money the PACs had raised in the last two years. Toborg is very skeptical, saying, “It certainly seems suspicious to me that these two companies are formed and all of a sudden there’s a political committee formed that’s doing millions of dollars of business with each of them.

They are pulling millions of dollars in, supposedly to promote pro-life causes, and it appears to me that they’re mostly paying some businesses.”

Many of the itemized donations listed come from older donors and retirees who don’t ask many questions about where their money is going. A number of donors have said they almost always give to pro-life causes when asked. A retiree in New York was told her $400 would be used for lobbying, but no money from National Campaign has ever been earmarked for lobbying expenses. A 69-year-old Staten Island man admitted, “It makes you feel like you’ve been victimized. It’s sad because pro-life people are really very generous to the cause. You think you’ve giving money to a cause you believe in — and it’s not quite what it seems.”

If you have any questions concerning pro-life fundraising calls you receive, we urge you to phone the state office of Oregon Right to Life at 503-463-8563 for assistance.


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