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Archive for May 2016

Life Notes

life notes

Oregon assisted suicide numbers hit record high in 2015 The number of assisted suicides in Oregon reached a record high of 132 deaths in 2015. This is up from 105 deaths in 2014 and 73 deaths in 2013. These numbers from the State of Oregon rely almost exclusively on doctors self-reporting and state officials have…

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Your Church Can Save Babies


When was the last time you heard a sermon about abortion? Maybe abortion doesn’t seem a proper topic for the pulpit. After all, people who hear sermons are in church, right? And church people don’t get abortions. Right? Wrong. In fact, 37 percent of women who had a first abortion were attending church at least…

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Camp Joshua Pro-Life Leaders

camp joshua pro-life leaders

Twenty students eager to learn how to become pro-life leaders in their communities spent their Spring Break attending Oregon Right to Life’s Camp Joshua. Students studied a wide range of aspects of pro-life involvement through special speakers and field trips which took them to the Capitol and downtown Portland, where they had opportunities to practice…

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Oregon Right to Life is grateful for recent gifts in memory of: • Aubrey Dickerson, Portland • Ed Schiedler, Mount Angel • Rosemary Vlcek, Mulino

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