2015 Angel Award Recipients

The Board of Directors of the Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation and the StandUpGirl.com Foundation are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 Angel Awards. They include individuals, businesses, and foundations who contributed $1,000 or more during the year to enable us to continue changing hearts and minds.

Oregon Right to Life Education Foundation
Peter and Tammy Allen
Reid and Pamela Amborn
Art and Anastasia Anderson
Mark and Patricia Baker
Gregory and Janice Baurer
Raymond and Darlene Beard
Ron and Josephine Becker
Matthew Benim
Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church
Robert and Jody Cochrane
Bruce and Lorraine Dineen
Patrick and Karen Duchien
Eugene Knights/Columbus #1430
Thomas and Debra Fessler
Tom Fitzpatrick
Leslie and Louise Fowler
James and Jane Graybill
Leon and Lynda Harrington
Steve and Nancy Hasselblad
Kevin and Ann Hassett
James and Kathy Heitkemper
Audrey Hertel
Robert and Sally Hill
Todd and Niki Hoffman
William and Gretchen Holly
Dale and Denise Juenemann
Jeremy and Celeste Keepers
Richard and Connie Kemper
John and Mary Kleinhenz
Randal and Kristin Kosrow
Richard and Joanna Kreitzberg
Orval and Sabine Ladd
Arlene Malcom
Jerome and Vicky Maurseth
Dan and Maryann Meredith
Byron Meurlott
John Nichols
O’Brien Family Joint Living Trust
Alan and Victoria O’Kain
Parker Buildings Inc
Bill and Lori Peila
Thomas and Margaret Popham
Norman and Margaret Ralston
Raymond and Peggy Ramsay
Dale and Candi Riddle
Vincent and Mary Rigert
James Rinn
Michael and Dorothy Rodegerdts
Stone and Barbara Rose
Frank and Anjali Rosenbloom
Therese Ruesink
Glenn and Joan Sage
John and Rosi Schaefer
Daniel and Becky Schanz
Daniel and Lynda Semrad
Charles and Barbara Sherman
Eugene and Karen Stoelk
GeorgeAnn Truszkowski
Brian and Heidi VanSmoorenburg
Donald and Linda Van Wart
Blair and Tracy Wasson
The Weston Family Foundation
The Wolf Family Charitable Foundation
Tom and Karen Zitzelberger
Our anonymous donors
StandUpGirl.com Foundation
Art and Anastasia Anderson
Virginia Anderson
Tim and Gayle Atteberry
The Barr Family Foundation
Mike and Kathy Basinger
Ralph and Louise Bochsler
David and Rebecca Bristol
Carpets for Kids
Michener and Tara Chandlee
Idelle Collins
Chris and Cindy Curry
Dunn Family Foundation
Daniel and Jeannine Eisenbacher
Jaclyn Espinoza
Todd and Niki Evers
Thomas and Debra Fessler
Bradley and Kareena Fields
Gateway Communications Inc
Robert and Elizabeth Gazewood
Gregory and Linda Giles
Happy Valley Baptist Church
J Paul and Kathleen Harmon
Timothy and Kristine Hennessy
Audrey Hertel
Jay and Kelly Jamieson
Laurens and Linda Johansen
Edward and Janet Johnson
Jeremy and Celeste Keepers
John and Mary Kleinhenz
Mildred Knott
Jeff and Kim Koehnke
Keith and Sue Kokkeler
Randal and Kristin Kosrow
Richard and Joanna Kreitzberg
Michael and Margi Laird
Brick and Lisanne Lantz
Michael and Gloria Lewton
Fergus and Tamara Loughran
Dennis and Lonida Lulay
Ralph and Kathleen Mansfield
Alfred and Carla Meisner
James and Lorna Monaghan
Kevin Monaghan
Philip and Bianca Nerenberg
Oakville Presbyterian Church
Gregg and Corinne Oberlin
Bruce and Jill Pollard
Parke and Corinne Raffensperger
Kurt and Cynthia Rahm
Dale and Candi Riddle
Vincent and Mary Rigert
Rev. Richard Rossman
Paul and Cathy Rudinsky
Xavier and Sharon Rueda
Russell and Elizabeth Sacco
Mark and Timmy Schoepke
Michael and Jeanne Seppa
Gene and Sylvia Spillman
Patsy Terpening
Donald and Linda Van Wart
Mark and Julie Wagner
Jerry and Sally Weis
Michael and Willa White
The Wolf Family Charitable Foundation
Yamhill County Right to Life
Marion Yapuncich
Our anonymous donors
ORTLEF & SUG Foundations Combined
Bill and Kristin McCall
James and Anna Keller
David and Fawn Kroeker
Steve Libra
George and Linda Middlekauff
Shannon Smith
Marko Susnjara
William Winter
Susan Wollander

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