Tipping My Hats

At one time in my life I was known as the “hat lady”. Consequently my closet is full of hats, fancy hats, cowboy hats, hats to match any color of outfit, and, because of my bout with cancer, many cute baseball hats!

I am going to tip them all this month to my many good friends who are working with the 40 Days for Life Campaign.

We all have been deluged with the horror of abortion as it has been exposed in the undercover videos made by Center for Medical Progress. We are constantly confronted with pro-abortion rhetoric, quite often from our family and friends. On a daily basis we hear about the abortion battle raging in politics.

But let’s pause and hear some good news. And let’s all tip our hats to the committed prayer warriors who, rain, snow, sleet, or hot sun, stand in front of abortion facilities and save babies on a daily basis.

The Forty Days for Life campaigns started just a few years ago and now has grown to be an international event, where twice a year, Christians pray in front of a designated abortion facility, taking turns day and night, praying for women going into the building and the abortion workers.

Not surprisingly, because we know God hears and answers prayer, there have been amazing results!  Over 11,000 babies have been rescued from the abortionist’s cruel tools, and 127 abortion workers have quit.

Bringing this close to home, Portland, Milwaukie, Eugene, and Salem all are home to 40 Days for Life campaigns. Many of my friends participate and I get to hear some “inside stories”. One high school group comes at 6:00 in the morning for their shift. Other high school groups come at different times. It is a wonderful way to teach young pro-lifers to become compassionate and committed.

I hear stories of how these sidewalk prayer warriors talk with women, many whom feel there is no way out of their “desperate” situation other than abortion. Many conversations are with the father of the child, some who do not want his partner to have an abortion and some who do. Each conversation reveals a hurting person.  As these compassionate and caring prayer warriors talk with women and men going into the facility, even though many do not change their minds about the abortion, seeds are planted and we can trust God will use them for future use.

In this fall campaign which just ended, the Portland group was able to see that five babies were saved because of their presence!  I know many babies have been saved in all four Oregon communities that are not readily apparent. Just the fact that there are “protesters” outside the clinic deter many from even going in.

The men and women who “man” these campaigns are unsung heroes. They tirelessly stand on the sidewalk doing just what God commands us in Proverbs 24: “Rescue those being led away to death, hold back those staggering toward slaughter.”

I would urge you to consider joining, or even starting, a campaign in your area for the next spring campaign.  We will have an expert in sidewalk counseling speak at our April conference. Check out www.40daysforlife.com  or call the office for help getting started. I will then be able to tip my hat to you also!


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