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Political Tax Credit

The Oregon political tax credit has been instrumental in many pro-life victories. Most pro-lifers will definitely want to respond before the December 31st deadline. Please read the following explanation to see how the political tax credit can be a powerful resource in defense of life.

A married couple can give up to $100 to a qualified political organization and singles can give up to $50 - and then receive every penny back when they file their Oregon tax return. It’s really that simple.

When using Oregon Personal Income Tax Form 40, the contribution is noted on line 37.

When using Oregon Personal Income Tax Form 40-S you use Credit Code 723 on line 16.

This is money you cannot keep or give to your favorite charity. You must either give it to a qualified political organization or pay it in taxes. In other words, you can take a portion of the money you normally pay in state taxes and instead use it to help fight abortion or euthanasia. That’s why every pro-life taxpayer should be aware of the December 31st deadline. If you don't respond by then, the same amount of money will simply go to the state government.

You can contribute on your credit card or by check. To contribute online, visit our Donate Online page. To send your Political Tax Credit via regular mail, simply print off the Donate Online form (to access the form, click on the ORTL-PAC "Click to Donate" button)and mail your check or credit card information to:

ORTL-PAC 4335 River Rd. N. Salem, OR 97303.


For more information on the Oregon Political Tax Credit visit the Oregon Department of Revenue's Political Contributions Tax Credit information page.


Gayle's Blog

Who can you believe?

by Gayle Atteberry

gayle atteberry

Occasionally, I receive phone calls from Oregon Right to Life members who have received either a phone call or mail solicitation from a pro-life group they are not familiar with. An urgent pro-life need is explained, along with a strong solicitation for money. “Can I believe them?” is the question asked of me.

There are numerous effective pro-life organizations throughout the country. However, there are also a handful of charlatans who ambitiously prey upon the good hearts of pro-lifers. These bogus groups receive millions of dollars from their telemarketing and mailings, the majority of which goes to the marketers, and almost nothing to pro-life work. How can you evaluate the legitimacy of these mailings or phone calls? Make sure you know the group in some way other than over the phone or through fancy mailings and petitions sent to you. You can also call us. We will be more than happy to sort out the good from the bad. Make sure your hard-earned money really helps save lives!

Read more...Who can you believe?

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