School Board Elections Matter

Did you know that every year is an election year, including 2021? Voters are not choosing partisan candidates for President, however, or any other federal or state offices. The upcoming May 18 election is instead dedicated almost exclusively to choosing the members of your local school board.  Our state has more than 1,200 public schools […]

The Era of Pro-Choice Republicans in Oregon is Over

For decades, pro-life Republican voters have sought strong pro-life candidates to represent their views. However, many prominent Republican candidates for office have refused to find common ground with the pro-life voters they claimed to represent. Republicans in the Second Congressional District resoundingly defeated Knute Buehler in the May primary. Nearly 70 percent of voters backed […]

The Sanctity of Human Life and the Elections

dr joan sage ORTLEF president

The sanctity of human life is a little-discussed term these days, but is at the heart of what Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) is all about. Belief in this concept is also of key importance to how you and your circle of influence vote this election season. Let’s look at the belief first. The sanctity […]

The Most Important Election

Have you ever heard that an election was “the most important election of our lifetime?” I think I’ve heard it every single voting season since I was first able to vote in 2014. It sounds like something a candidate or party leader might say to drum up enthusiasm or solicit an extra donation. I can’t […]

The Coronavirus Campaign

Every year it seems we’re facing a historic election. I can easily say that 2020 was the most unique campaign of my decade working in politics. Oregon’s vote-by-mail system ensured that voters could safely cast their vote. We don’t yet know the full impact on voters, but we saw 46 percent of eligible voters cast […]