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Posts by Reagan Knopp

Congressman Greg Walden Announces Retirement

At the end of October, Congressman Greg Walden announced he will not be seeking re-election. He has served as the congressional representative from House District 2 since 1998. Representative Greg Walden has a strong pro-life voting record and was endorsed in 2018 by the National Right to Life Committee. In 2017 he voted in favor…

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Unions and Abortion: What You Need to Know

You can be pro-union and pro-life. Lots of people are. I love having conversations with hardworking union members who want good pay and working conditions and want the rights of the unborn protected at the same time. It is possible, and it is what I hope for our unions in this state and nation. Sadly,…

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Political Advocacy Brings Pro-Life Results

We are still months from the busyness that comes with the 2020 election cycle. In the meantime, our political advocacy team is finding opportunities to win crucial political victories for the pro-life movement, proving that vigilance and hard work do pay off. GOP remains pro-life party The Oregon Republican Party, the only pro-life major party…

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Atteberry Award Recognizes Pro-Life Legislators

We are fortunate to have so many advocates fighting for life in the Oregon Legislature. This year we began a new tradition with the Atteberry Award. This award is named in honor of Gayle Atteberry, our long time former executive director who began her career as Oregon Right to Life’s first full-time lobbyist in the…

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The Battle Continues | Assisted Suicide and Infanticide 

In recent years — and this year is no exception — we have seen legislation in Congress and in statehouses dealing with life issues, particularly those at the beginning and end of life. There is a battle over the value of human life and to what extent it should be protected. Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and…

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