Big Changes Ahead on Oregon’s Congressional Maps

(via PlanScore, a project of Campaign Legal Center) Every decade, the Oregon Legislature is tasked with redrawing maps for the 30 state Senate seats, 60 state House seats and Oregon’s congressional districts. This year, the process will look very different. Oregon now has six congressional districts for the first time in history. This growth means […]

Yes, The Abortion Industry Is Still Targeting Your Schools

In the most recent school board election, Oregon Right to Life Political Action Committee (PAC) made it our goal to elect more pro-life school board members. We did so because Planned Parenthood and NARAL continue to push the abortion agenda in our schools. Here are just a few of the many ways the abortion industry […]

Here’s What Happened in the 2021 Legislative Session

With the Oregon Capitol closed to the public for the entire 81st Oregon Legislative Assembly, this session was a challenge for all advocacy groups. However, it was particularly challenging for pro-lifers and other groups that are not welcome to the unified Democratic control of both the House, Senate, and Governor’s mansion. Now that that session […]

School Board Elections Present Pro-Life Opportunities

According to the Oregon Department of Education, Oregon has 197 school boards spanning 36 counties. This year, over 600 candidates filed to run for their local school board. The districts are drawing more candidates than ever, as the government ordered schools to shut down in response to the coronavirus. Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) is […]

Oregon’s Legislative Process

On Monday, January 11, recently elected legislators were sworn into office, marking the official start of Oregon’s 81st Legislative Assembly. Much of the session will occur online, with the Capitol building closed to the public. Yet the process of creating new laws or repealing old ones remains mostly unchanged. It all starts with an idea. […]