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Archive for June 2016

SCOTUS Strikes Down Key Provisions in HB 2

The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled 5-3 in the case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which challenged a Texas law mandating abortion businesses abide by the same health and safety standards as all other ambulatory surgical health clinics. Whole Woman’s Health, an abortion facility, challenged two provisions of HB 2. They claimed it created an “undue…

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The Light of Life


I always get excited when a new scientific discovery both proves the Word of God to be true and gives greater understanding to its meaning. Such was the case in a recent remarkable discovery. Researchers at Northwestern University near Chicago were able to document that each individual life starts with a spark of light. At…

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The Greatest Special Interest

We live in a time in politics when a primary punching bag for both major parties, the media and voters everywhere is special interests. It’s a vague enough term that I think a definition is in order. Merriam-Webster defines a special interest as “a group that tries to influence the people who run a government…

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Good News

In case you haven’t heard some of the great news lately, we wanted to catch you up! Colm Willis, Mike Nearman, Werner Reschke, Dennis Linthicum, and Rich Vial, all great pro-life candidates, won their contested primaries. There were other great candidates who won uncontested primaries too. The general election will be fierce but we’re ready…

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