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Making Her Visible

Harmony Daws - ORTL President

Harmony Daws – ORTL President

With the presidential election dominating the news, it’s no surprise that abortion rights are in the headlines. Unfortunately, the GOP front-runner appears profoundly uneducated on the topic, leaving pro-lifers bracing for his next unfortunate sound bite. But, I don’t think this is the most important headline. Someone else needs to become more visible.

While Donald Trump’s bluster draws attention, the FDA has quietly expanded guidelines for a prescription that induces abortion, permitting its use up to 70 days (10 weeks) into pregnancy. Remember, at 10 weeks, a baby girl has a beating heart, a unique human brain packed with personality, and fingernails growing on her perfectly formed hands.
But, at 10 weeks, no one can hear her voice. Her mother may or may not feel her moving and an acquaintance probably cannot tell she is pregnant. The greatest tactical strength of abortion activists is the invisibility of the person in the womb.
Even as medical science places viability earlier and earlier, abortion activists work to keep the baby invisible and find easier, more convenient, and more private ways to end her life. At some point in the future, science will doubtless find ways to gestate human life outside the body. To date, the youngest human being to survive outside his mother’s body was 21 weeks old. Sadly, advances in prescription abortions make it easier to get rid of the baby as soon as possible — whether or not there are health risks for the mother and her unborn baby.
Prescription abortions are, I suspect, the future. Let’s call them prescription, not medication, abortions. There is nothing medical about what happens here. Easy to prescribe, easier than surgical abortions to export to third-world countries, and deceivingly sold as one of the less traumatizing ways for a woman to end the life of her unplanned child.
This is often not the case as well. Prescription abortions leave many women facing the loss of their child alone, in the bathroom, perhaps staring at her unborn child in the toilet while doubled over in pain.
It is unconscionable that the bluster and rhetoric of a nasty presidential primary only serves to make the abortion debate more shrill, with even more heat and even less light.
The abortion debate is really about the 10-week-old baby girl and her mother, who has been prescribed a drug that will end her child’s life. Often this happens without her mother knowing the barest details about her exquisite development and person-hood. Let’s continue to work to make this baby’s precious life visible.


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