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Students Stand Fearlessly

harmony daws ORTL presidentStudents who came for their own rally in downtown Portland after the Roe v. Wade Memorial Rally got more than they expected. They came for music, pizza, reports from campus pro-lifers, and a great speech from Lila Rose.

What they didn’t anticipate were hostile protesters calling them names and blocking both entrances to the event space, creating a literal gauntlet young students had to run.

“Racist, sexist, fascist” and “anti-woman” were some of the words they chanted. After the young people arrived, protesters marched outside the plate glass windows of the event space. They continued name-calling and chanting until the event was over, at which point Oregon Right to Life Communications Director Liberty Pike offered them free pizza.

This event, our second annual Roe v. Wade Student Rally, was held January 17 to commemorate 58 million dead to abortion since January 1973. Many student leaders took the stage to share how they are impacting their campuses for life. They spoke of standing against an overwhelming campus culture of apathy and liberalism. They spoke of manning tables alone, starting groups with one other person, and offering hope (and an alternative) to students facing unplanned pregnancies.

At every pro-life education event, I am blown away by the light in the faces of young pro-lifers. It is a vivid contrast to the speech and actions of abortions rights activists, who resort to name-calling and accusations of hate speech. And, as this issue shows, their intention is to d-legitimize those who disagree with them. They are willing to take away the reputations, livelihoods (and someday, freedom) of those who oppose abortion-on-demand.

These young people braved the gauntlet of protesters, just as they stand fearlessly in a system of higher education meant to remake them into committed “pro-choicers.”

All born after 1973, these young people know their lives could have ended at the hands of an abortionist, their hearts stopped by chemicals, their bodies pulled into pieces, their tissues sold.

They braved the protesters and encouraged each other to take action, to start or join a Students for Life group, to share life issues on social media, and to stand up for the precious life of the unborn. (Visit for more details!)

What are YOU willing to do for life this year?

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