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Political Tax Credit

The Oregon political tax credit has been instrumental in many pro-life victories. Most pro-lifers will definitely want to respond before the December 31st deadline. Please read the following explanation to see how the political tax credit can be a powerful resource in defense of life.

A married couple can give up to $100 to a qualified political organization and singles can give up to $50 - and then receive every penny back when they file their Oregon tax return. It’s really that simple.

When using Oregon Personal Income Tax Form 40, the contribution is noted on line 37.

When using Oregon Personal Income Tax Form 40-S you use Credit Code 723 on line 16.

This is money you cannot keep or give to your favorite charity. You must either give it to a qualified political organization or pay it in taxes. In other words, you can take a portion of the money you normally pay in state taxes and instead use it to help fight abortion or euthanasia. That’s why every pro-life taxpayer should be aware of the December 31st deadline. If you don't respond by then, the same amount of money will simply go to the state government.

You can contribute on your credit card or by check. To contribute online, visit our Donate Online page. To send your Political Tax Credit via regular mail, simply print off the Donate Online form (to access the form, click on the ORTL-PAC "Click to Donate" button)and mail your check or credit card information to:

ORTL-PAC 4335 River Rd. N. Salem, OR 97303.


For more information on the Oregon Political Tax Credit visit the Oregon Department of Revenue's Political Contributions Tax Credit information page.


From The Executive Director

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Gayle Atteberry

Gayle Atteberry - ORTL Executve DirectorThis talk was given at the Students for Life “Women Betrayed” rally in front of the Beaverton Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Tuesday, July 28th. Fifty-five rallies were being held simultaneously around the United States.

We are here today to speak about the unspeakable.

To speak about things that are so horrendous that people of good will, of good conscious, and with a heart of compassion should not have to hear or to speak about

Not only does Planned Parenthood lie to women, not only do they kill their unborn babies, but they then sell the parts of the unborn babies for what they call “a processing fee”.  Mind you, they have already been paid handsomely for the abortion itself, they already are the recipients of one-half billion dollars of tax dollars each year, but they say they still need to recoup a “processing fee.” How deceitful is that??

They have been doing this for years most likely, but the recent released videos has caught them in the web which they weaved for others.  The video just released today goes into much more detail of the obtaining and selling of baby parts. It is depraved. They are discussing the different parts of this innocent unborn, dissected human baby as if they were car parts.   So we MUST speak of these things so we can put them to an END!

One of PP’s many lies is that they are proud to be obtain this “fetal tissue” so that it can be used for medical research which will be useful for saving lives.




Let me put this in perspective for you: in 2011 Planned Parenthood killed almost the exact number of lives as did all of kinds of cancer in the Untried States: 336,217. PP is its own kind of cancer in America.

Another irony about PP:  In the Oregon state legislature as ORTL attempts to pass pro-life legislation, legislation which would accord respect to these human babies, Planned Parenthood fights vigorously against any of these legislative attempts. They fight vigorously against any bill, such as the bill which would make it a double murder if you kill a pregnant woman, because the law would mean that you have killed two people instead of one, thus giving  humanness to the unborn baby. However it is the  baby’s very humanness which makes Planned Parenthood’s selling of their parts possible!

Not only does Planned Parenthood kill unborn children, it kills the emotional well being of women.

Planned Parenthood betrays women at the most critical times of their lives: right when women are about to be blessed with the greatest joy of their life, a baby,---- and all of us here who have children know how much joy and love our children bring into our lives----

Yet Planned Parenthood takes women at the most critical and vulnerable times of their lives and betrays them, robbing them of their most precious and greatest joy.

Planned Parenthood betrays women when they tell them that abortion is only taking out” tissue” and  “nothing is there yet”.

Planned Parenthood betrays women when they tell women “another time will be a better time to have a baby”.

Planned Parenthood betrays women when they say “abortion is safe”……I have a 3 inch folder of stories of abortions-gone-bad in just the last 3-4years: women who have been maimed or killed during their so-called “safe-abortion”.

Planned Parenthood betrays women when they push abortion above all other options. PP does 180 abortions for every one adoption referral.

Planned Parenthood betrays women when they tell them that if they donate some of their “fetal tissue’ they can feel good is coming out of their abortion. All of us here know that NOTHING helps the pain a post-abortive woman feels.

And Planned Parenthood betrays women when they say  the abortionist will in no way change the abortion procedure if they decide to donate.  We saw on the videos how abortionists alter the abortion  procedure in order to not “damage” the organs and other parts that they want to sell. We heard one abortionist describe how they could use a “less crunchy” method, and another how they can “crush below or crush above” the baby parts they need in order to have intact specimens.

There are two things I am going to ask you to do today:

PRAY for everyone who goes inside this building: The unborn babies, that the mothers will have hope and courage to change their minds about abortion. I talked to a woman last week who said a sidewalk counselor told her on the way inside the abortion clinic that her baby had fingers and toes. She could not stop thinking about that. She was on the table with an IV just about to be put into her arm when she screamed out STOP! And she got off the table and hurried away. She happily has her daughter now.

Pray for the women, pray for their unborn babies, and PRAY for the workers inside. Pray they will have an awakening as to what they are participating in , that Jesus will lead  them to Truth and then give them courage to leave this place!

Click on Take Action.  Follow the promptings and you will be able to write your Congressman asking him to investigate and de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Today we are speaking of the unspeakable because it is God who commands us in His Word to “rescue those being led away to death; hold back those being led away to the slaughter”.

Let today be the day each of us recommits ourselves to speaking out for the unborn child!

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